Kate Middleton fit perfectly into the royal fold.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been pictured in several sporting events the past few weeks. She was also seen accompanied by their 7-year-old son Prince George at the Euro 2020 final, where they shared several sweet moments.

Meanwhile, her sister-in-law Sophie, The Countess of Wessex also easily fit into royalty.

She is even doing regular royal appearances in different parts of the UK. Over the weekend, she and her husband Prince Edward spent a day of motorsport together.

They also visited the British Grand Prix and thanked McLaren F1 for supporting the Duke of Edinburgh's award. The Wessexes also encouraged the public to give to charity and participate in their fundraising challenge called "Do It 4 Youth."

Public appearances have been a natural part of Kate and Sophie's role in the British royal family.

They entered The Firm as outsiders, as they both came from ordinary backgrounds.

However, several people noticed how their natural ability to assume graces of royalty is outstanding.


Many wonder how they became successful, unlike Meghan Markle. But one expert knows the answer to that.

According to Judi James, a body language expert, the reason why Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex have become great at what they do is that they are "bland."

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Speaking on "Pod Save the Queen," she noted how the media frenzy Sophie felt during her marriage to Prince Edward was similar to what Princess Diana experienced more than ten years before.

Judi added, "But then, Kate had an outstanding knack of just calming it all down, getting on with her job, being seen, but not turning anything into a soap opera."

She went on to say that the reason why Sophie and Kate excel is that "You want to see them, it's nice to see them," but you're not rushing out to get the newest magazine stories about them.

Judi said, "They're not giving in their body language insofar as we don't see a whole array of emotions like we used to see from Diana."

"I'll use the word bland, but I don't mean it as an insult."

She explained that it's challenging to be part of the royal family and be good and do everything with no mistakes. But Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex "continued to be bland enough" where they don't attract the negative stuff.

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