The rumor of a new album coming from Grammy Award Winner, Kanye West, is now a reality as attendees confirm new album will be released soon.

According to Hypebeast, on July 18, Kanye West hosted a private listening event in Las Vegas. Justin LaBoy announced on Twitter that and Kevin Durant had listened to Kanye's work the previous night.

The tweet began with, "Kanye played his new album for me & @KDTrey5 last night in Vegas. Man, listen!"

The American media personality then continued to describe the album's production as "light years ahead."

He further teased about "the Old Kanye," with the rapper's bars sounding like he has gone "broke and hungry trying to get signed again."

"Any artists who plan[s] on dropping soon should just push it back," Justin warns.

He then replied under his tweet a picture of the three of them with Kanye covering his face and the caption, "ALBUM OF THE YEAR. DON'T @ ME."


Kanye West Fans "Not Believing" the Release of Rapper's New Album

Kanye fans are still not convinced that the rapper will be releasing a full album sometime this week. Most of them are light-heartedly joking about the news, "Kanye West after dropping his new album this week."

Similar tweets like this one, "Waking up to Kanye West new album news... yeah the covid cure is coming y'all.'

  "Kanye [W]est fans in 2030 when there's still no new album," tweets another non-believer.

While others are entirely in denial as news keeps spreading on social media, "I'm not believing Kanye's dropping until I'm 4 songs into the album."

  "Only people that aren't excited for the new Kanye West Album are actually Kanye fans cause they know d-mn well it's not coming out," explains one fan.

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Expect Tyler, The Creator, Travis Scott, and Playboi Carti on Kanye West's Album

Kanye West's tracklist reveals more artists featuring on his upcoming album "Donda."

Complex reported that fans had noticed something on the video posted by Consequence on his Instagram account.

  Aside from Tyler, the Creator and Kanye vibing to some unknown track, at the wall behind them hold the secret to the rapper's album.

The words written on the whiteboard are allegedly the tracklist for Kanye's "Donda" album, which sources are now pairing to the leaked tracks heard in Vegas. Among the ten songs, half will feature the following artists, Tyler, the Creator, Lil Baby, Post Malone. Some of them even sharing a track like Griselda & KayCyy, Playboi Carti & Travis Scott.

These are yet to be confirmed by Kanye's representatives, but one thing is for sure, Kanye's album will drop this week.

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