NBA star Steph Curry's wife Ayesha has scored a huge win on her legal battle. It can be remembered that her former manager sued for her allegedly screwing him out of millions. Losing this case would place a dent on Ayesha's bank account but it seems that she has managed to escape this ordeal unscathed. 

According to court documents that Radar Online was able to obtain,  the celebrity branding company Flutie Entertainment has informed the court they are dismissing all claims against Ayesha already. 

It is not clear however what triggered this sudden change of heart. Since it is suddenly dismissing all the claims against Steph Curry's wife without giving reason, it is unclear whether the suit lacked merit or even though Ayesha has done what she was accused of, the company just chose to settle it outside of the court.

It remains to be seen whether the story would further develop.

For those who are out of the loop, Ayesha was sued by the celebrity branding company Flutie Entertainment back in April 2020, right the time when COVID-19 pandemic was gaining traction.

The company claimed they have done their best to make her into a household name and the Ayesha brand. In the suit, the head of the company alleged that in their initial meeting, Ayesha was not even that known, since her only project at the time was a cooking blog called "Little Lights of Mine."

The company explained that when Ayesha signed on to them in 2015, the goal was to make a name for herself, outside of her husband's shadow.

Flute Entertainment reportedly tried its best to help her realize her dreams of becoming a celebrity chef. The company alleged that Ayesha wanted to be  "a current and modern-day version of Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray."

In a way, Flute was successful because it reportedly secured for Ayesha, a cookbook, a TV show, and even a line of cooking products. However, she reportedly fired them in March 2019 out of the blue. 

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The company claimed that Stephen Curry's wife proceeded to cut them out of profits they have secured for her and therefore, rightfully deserve a portion of. 

The suit wanted Ayesha to pay up in excess of $10 million-plus a 50% interest in her production company named Yardie Girl. The company also said Ayesha should give them a portion of the earnings derived from her cooking show.

At the time, Ayesha's legal camp also released a response. The leader of her legal team, Michael Plonsker denied the allegations. He said, "Ayesha Curry terminated her business relationship with disgruntled manager Robert Flutie in early 2019. We are confident that the legal process will find his accusations nonsensical and completely unfounded." 


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