It appears that the newlyweds Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton want to grow their family as soon as possible. They have tied the knot and saw no reason why they should delay having their own kid. Reportedly, their respective ages make their situation quite complicated but they are not disheartened.

By hook or by crook, they reportedly wanted to start their own family now.  They just got hitched and not that long into their honeymoon, but a baby is on their minds.


The two tied the knot on July 3, and now the couple are reportedly looking to have a child of their own, through different kinds of options. According to Hollywood Life, the two music industry icons are  open" to having a baby through surrogacy. 

A source reportedly told the outlet that  "Gwen and Blake are exploring all options to have a baby. They are very open to surrogacy and that's what they're honing in on if they do decide to do this." The source explained that this has something to do with Gwen's age.

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"Because of Gwen's age, they know it will be difficult to happen naturally but they both want a baby together," the source explained.

The source added that waiting is essentially NOT an option. Both of them find the idea of waiting unattractive. Even if they could wait to have a child because of science's wonders, they reportedly want a child now and think this is the ripe time to have their own family.

"If they do make this happen, it'll be sooner than later. They have had serious discussions with medical professionals to move forward with the process," the source added.

Friends are reportedly very supported, which fules their optimism. This does not mean though that they are unaware of the risks. 

"Blake is dying to be a dad and Gwen is dying for a girl although she has said she's fine having another boy. She knows how to raise boys," the source even said. 

Gwen Stefani share three sons with ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. Her sons are Kingston, 15, Zuma, 12, and Apollo, 7.  

Shelton and Stefani tied the knot in a very intimate ceremony attended by close family. The event was held inside a special chapel on Shelton's property, which he specifically built for the wedding.

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