The Las Vegas listening party brought Grammy Award Winning rapper, Kanye West reached his breaking point as his song for Kim Kardashian is publicly released for the first time.

The rapper cried on stage once his song "Welcome to my Life" had started playing, the track he dedicated to Kim Kardashian.

Daily Mail reported that the lyrics speak of the hardships the rapper had been dealing with in his personal life, specifically his marital relationship and the ongoing divorce with Kim, his unsuccessful US presidential bid, and his Twitter rants.

Kanye painted a picture in his lyricism, "Tell the assassins I escaped from Calabasas," referencing his Los Angeles home as a literal prison.

"It's a very deep, sad song about Kanye, with him reflecting on his marriage with Kim," said an attendee of the listening party.

The source continued, "He talks about the kids and mentions her [Kim] taking everything."

At this part of the song, Kanye reached his breaking and cried for two straight minutes after stopping the music.

Kanye West With Irina Shayk and Kim Kardashian

There is a crowd, but Kanye West, Irina Shayk, and Kim Kardashian are making it work for them.

While in the middle of a divorce, Kanye found himself hooked on a new romance with the Russian model. The two have been spotted in public a handful of times, and the most recent was just last month at the luxe Villa La Coste.

According to E!, Kanye and Irina had been attached at the hip ever since their adventure in France.

In Provence, an eyewitness said the couple looked "incredibly happy and relaxed."

"They have been seeing each other for several weeks... Kanye has been flying in and out of New York to be with her," reports a different source,

Kim's representatives have relayed that she "is fine with Kanye dating," and "just wants him to be happy." Based on this article, the rapper is "keeping things amicable" with his ex for their children to be happy.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on Co-Parenting

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian go on a family outing with their four children in San Francisco. The family had recently reunited in the city as Kanye and Kim took North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm to the Asian Museum last Saturday.

This article reported that the family spent the weekend together exploring the museum while accompanied by security. The couple had shared smiles and appeared to be controlling their emotions in a "very family-friendly environment."

"By all accounts, the two were gracious, appreciative, and had a great time," said one source.

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