Britney Spears is known for many things, and one of them is how she notoriously ended her first marriage in a span of less than three days, or 55 hours to be exact. At the time, everyone thought it was the beauty (or the ugly) of Hollywood, because everyone can just get married and have their union annulled later on, in a snap of fingers.

Turns out that picture is not so accurate after all. New details emerged to show that Britney's own mom is the reason why the marriage ended, and it has damaged Jason Alexander, the ex and the childhood sweetheart more than anyone would know. 

In hindsight, it also shows singer's powerlessness over her own life this early on. 

This is the perspective of the now-retired divorce attorney Mark Goldberg, who was exclusively interviewed by Daily Mail.

The Pittsburgh based lawyer shared how distraught Alexander was because of the events. He also said the young man in love has turned to him after he was kicked out of Britney's life after 55 hours.

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The attorney revealed that that neither Britney nor Alexander wanted the annulment at al. Everything allegedly happened because of the singer's mother and management's forcing.

He shared how Alexander made a series of emotional phone calls seeking advice from him after the singer's mother threw him out of their Las Vegas hotel suite. Goldberg, 80 said Alexander did not retain his services, but the case stuck with him because he personally felt sorry for the obviously lovestruck kid. 

Alexander reportedly hoped Britney and him could still have a future together even with what happened at the time. The lawyer added that contrary to what Alexander and the press said at the time, none of the two were intoxicated or under the influence of anything but love.

"I asked him several times [if they were drunk or on drugs] because if I was going to represent him, I needed to know all the facts and he was clear, they weren't...they just really loved each other," Goldberg said.

It can be remembered that back in 2012, Alexander was interviewed over this infamous wedding/annulment

According to him, he and Britney were no doubt intoxicated when the decision happened. But he can also vouch for his own feelings - that he was truly in love and thought Britney was too. He clarified that he did not make any money off it and for a while, thought his marriage would last.


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