Queen Elizabeth II and the other royal family members reportedly prepared themselves to give Prince Harry a lesson.

The Duke of Sussex is now unstoppable as he plans to release his first memoir since he left his senior royal post. While there are currently theories surrounding the ugly future for the royal prince, a new report suggested that the Queen also prepared something for him.

According to Express, Buckingham Palace does not want to confirm whether or not Her Majesty will invite her grandson and Meghan Markle during her Jubilee celebration. The event, which will take place in June 2022, will mark Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years as the reigning monarch.

While there are reports that claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would attend the event, a palace spokeswoman claimed otherwise.

"We're just not going to get into that. We're not going to speculate," the representative said.

The news outlet added that the Duke of Sussex's announcement about his book ultimately threatened the special occasion. Despite his promise that it would just include "wholly truthful and accurate" information about his life, the central members of the royal family still felt alarmed about it.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry made things worse as he only told Queen Elizabeth II about it after a news outlet published it on Monday.

Per royal author Penny Junor, the move surely surprised the monarchy.

"The family must be despairing. This is a man who they all love and he seems to be doing his best to embarrass and damage his family," she went on.

Britons Do Not Want Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Back

Before the palace spokeswoman, debunked the claims about the Sussexes' attendance, a poll showed how much the people disagree to see the couple again.

Express launched a poll last month, asking people whether they want the couple to participate in the survey. The poll, titled "Should Prince Harry be involved in the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations," saw nearly 12,000 participants who shared their thoughts.

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Ninety-seven percent (11,326 people) said "no" to the idea while only three percent (375) approved the Sussexes' participation.

One participant said, "The celebration is about the Queen and her reign, the ex-royals have done nothing but try to destroy her legacy. Stay away."

Still, the results should be taken with a grain of salt as it will not determine Queen Elizabeth II's final decision.

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