Prince Harry is repeating the history that the royal family worked hard to avoid.

Following the bombshell interviews, Prince Harry prepared a damaging blow to the monarchy again by confirming the publication of his memoir.

Sources told Page Six that the Duke of Sussex will receive $20 million from Penguin Random House as soon as the book reaches the bookshelves.

While it seems to be the first tell-all book ever written by a royal, Prince Harry was actually the second one to do such a move.

Prince Harry Following Exiled Royal's Footsteps?

Before Prince Harry releases his book, his great-great-uncle Edward VIII penned a biography "A King's Story: The Memoirs of the Duke of Windsor" in 1951.

Edward VIII was infamous for leaving his throne to marry the American divorcée, Wallis Simpson. His abdication immediately put Queen Elizabeth II's father, King George VI, to the throne.

According to People Magazine, the former King's memoir contains stories about his life as a royal until he met Simpson. It also explores the instances that led him to give up his royal position and honor.

"Something had happened that, although I did not realize it at the time, was destined to change the whole course of my life," Edward wrote. "I met Wallis Warfield Simpson."

Following the abdication, the couple suffered financially as the monarchy also cut off the finances.

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A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed that the Duke is writing an "intimate and heartfelt memoir." Despite a seemingly safe detail about the book, it reportedly alarmed Prince Charles and Prince William who, reportedly, did not have an idea about the royal's plans.

Everything that happened - and will happen - to Prince Harry already happened to George VIII. Their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family in 2020 resonated with the former King's abdication.

Prince Harry's first personal address since Megxit also expressed the same discontentment Edward VIII felt back then.

"Our hope was to continue serving the Queen, the Commonwealth, and my military associations without public funding. Unfortunately that wasn't possible," the Duke of Sussex hastily pronounced.

As of the writing, Queen Elizabeth II nor Buckingham Palace has officially responded to the recent developments yet.

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