Anna Faris is officially off the market! The actress accidentally revealed her secret marriage to her long-term fiancè Michae Barrett.

Anna had been engaged to the cinematographer for almost two years before finally deciding to tie the knot.

"The House Bunny" star had slipped during her "Unqualified" podcast episode with Chef Gail Simmons.

 "My husband shot a movie in Japan... He would love to live in Japan for a year. My dream would be Venice." Anna casually mentioned to her guest.

Farris had admitted to their elopement and that Michael is now her husband during the in-call segment of the podcast USA Today reported.

"Yes, we eloped... I'm sorry, honey. I just blurted that out, but it just feels [like] I can't say finacè anymore," said Anna. The couple made it official at a local courthouse in Washington state.

The actress described the moment as "awesome" and "great."

Anna Faris and Michael Barrett Families Had No Idea About Marriage

On the same "Unqualified" episode, the "Mom" actress had shared that no one knew about their marriage. Similarly, it got revealed in a podcast, Faris also slipped about her elopement with her side of the family. 

"We saw my family, and it kind of slipped the same way. My aunt asked me, 'You're going to be a stepmom. How are you feeling about that?" Anna replied, "Well, actually, I am a stepmom as of like four days ago," which surprised the rest of her loved ones.

According to E!, the celebrity had said that the eloping experience was "great" and that "everything about it just felt right."

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Anna Faris Was Already Married During Santa Monica Dinner

Anna Faris had already been married to her husband Michael Barrett when the paparazzi spotted them in Santa Monica.

The newlyweds spent the weekend with Anna's son and a few friends for dinner at Tallula's in Los Angeles. Based on this article, rumors about their marriage were triggered by photographs taken that night.

Michael had been wearing something on his ring finger that suspiciously looked like ones that married men wore. Sat beside him was Anna, who was not wearing a gold ring but her yellow diamond engagement ring.

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