Leslie Grace is on the hot seat as Warner Brothers and DC Studios welcome her to the family for the movie "Batgirl."

According to Hollywood Reporter, the singer was heavily favored to play "Batgirl" due to her breakout role in the musical entitled "In The Heights."

"I am BEYOND EXCITED to embody Barbara Gordon, your #Batgirl," Leslie tweeted out, which garnered the attention of fans.

"WB[Warner Bros] saw Zoey and thought she could play the exact copy of the comic batgirl and said Nawh we'll go with pandering," one comment had pointed out.

While a hardcore fan had some advice for the rookie actress, "Make sure to watch Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker animated film."

Fortunately, most of the replies under Leslie's tweet had been positive as fans continue to congratulate her.

  According to producers, 'Batgirl' has no set release date but will exclusively premiere on HBO Max in 2023.

Fans Claim "DC Never Listens" When It Comes to Casting

The Twitter community is in chaos as fans express their disappointment in DC for not casting the right "Batgirl." Some of these fans have camped under the comment section of tweets announcing Leslie Grace getting the lead role.

"This is why Marvel will continue to make billions and billions and DC will struggle to make a half million on their movies, they had the perfect Batgirl," tweeted one avid fan.

Others seem to agree, as several other fans have similar posts, "Zoey Deutch and Isabela Merced are both much better choices for Batgirl."

  While others went in a different direction and wanted Anya Taylor Joy to play Barbara, "She was right there..."

However, most of them were leaning towards one specific actress, "Zoey Deutch is my choice for Batgirl. She has the look for Barbara Gordon."

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Actresses Who Could Have Been 'Batgirl'

These are the actresses who auditioned for Barbara Gordon in the upcoming Batgirl movie.

Warner Brothers and DC held a screening for actresses to try out for "Batgirl," but they cast only one for the role.

Sources reported that the final rounds of auditions included a group of actresses who were in the lead for the starring role.

The group included Isabela Merced (Sweet Girl, 2021), Zoey Deutch (Zombieland: Double Tap, 2019), and Haley Lu Richardson (Five Feet Apart, 2019.

Richardson was rumored to have backed out of the auditions but managed to last until the last round.

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