Just as the messy divorce of top Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt back in 2016, their long and strongly ongoing custody battle of their five minor children started. Yet, claims about Angelina Jolie getting frustrated over Brad Pitt's plans were lifted to the public for a fact-check.

According to Page Six, Brad Pitt just won 50/50 custody of his six kids with Angelina Jolie back in May. The Oscar winner has been fighting Jolie, through the courts, for nearly five years for equal rights to their six kids, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne, and including 19-year old Maddox.

A source close to the issue said it was a "tentative decision," adding that Jolie is continuing her legal fight. However, one tabloid added another issue regarding the ex-couple and their life inside their homes, as they claimed that Jolie got furious with Pitt for firing their children's nannies,

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Clash Over House Decisions

An unnamed source tells the National Enquirer, "Brad's ripping up his single-parenting playbook and changing the rules considerably,"

According to the source, they clarified the firing of their children's nannies. They also said that back then, the two shared the babysitters and their expenses. However, Pitt wanted them out as he doesn't need the help of their services.

And for Jolie's "defense," the decision did not go well. They said that she was furious as they were the ways for the ex-wife to "keep tabs on the kids." "She's NOT happy about this but there's nothing she can do, and Brad knows it," the outlet emphasized more points.

Since the supposed firings, the outlet indicated Pitt will stay in the LA area from now on, which resulted in him keeping himself close to 'normal' 9 to 5 hours drive from home, shooting in Los Angeles.

"That's why his next two movies, "Bullet Train" and "Babylon," were planned as 90 percent Los Angeles shoots," the insider spills.

"His only goal is to become a full-time father again after all the drama."

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Clarifying Jolie Vs. Pitt's Situation

As Gossip Cop explored, they said that the tabloid doesn't seem to understand family court.

This rumor would be one of Pitt's worst things to make for as this could make 'disastrous' changes to the court-approved parenting plan. Other than that, firing the nannies is supposed to be a planned decision between the ex-couple.

The actress's lawyers made it clear that she would appeal to Pitt's decision to be awarded shared custody. It makes no sense for Jolie to use her employees to spy on her ex-husband as her young children could complain to her directly.

The Enquirer has been in the wrong about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie since then. To be precise, in 2017, the outlet went back and forth on stories claiming the actress was dying. Other than that, they reported Pitt threatened Jolie with harassment charges because he was so frustrated with their ongoing divorce.

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