Fans called out the "90 Day Finacè" couple Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj for their fake and staged photos on Instagram.

Users had reposted screenshots of Florian's Instagram stories on another account called "90 Day Fiance Fanatics 2," where a post was captioned "high on love with Stacey and Florian," and garnered the attention of avid fans.

According to sources, fans compared the image of the reality stars to a "blowup doll" kissing a "corpse."

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While others can see right through the pair, they claimed the post as evidence that they cannot stand each other. "He looks like the walking dead, and she is too old for the Barbie look," said one fan.

Other similar comments were, "He looks like a meth head. She looks like a botched Barbie," and "The cadaver and the blowup doll."

"She's in love. He's just along for the ride! Unfortunately I don't think this is a lasting relationship."

Stacey and Florian claimed that they are in love with no marital issues, having moved on from their cheating scandal.

Has Stacey Already Forgiven Florian for Cheating?

Stacey admitted that Florian's cheating strengthened their relationship as the couple feels like they are "going forward."

"I think it made us stronger, the past doesn't exist in our hearts," said the TV star as she continues to talk about their "bond."

Based on this article, Florian's cheating arose days before their wedding day as the twins discovered a picture of him kissing another girl.

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Stacey Silva Claims Florian Sukaj is a 'Wonderful Stepfather'

Stacey Silva called her husband Florian Sukaj a "wonderful stepfather" to her children and promised that fans would "love him too," reported California News-Times. 

The "90 Day Fiancè" star has two teenage sons who will not be featured in any future season of the reality show.

"They are more private and I respect it," said Stacey, who also shared that Florian and her kids are "great behind the scenes." The 46-year-old then confessed that her age is a barrier to the couple's desire to have their children.

Fans can expect Florian's perspective on the matter during the second season as the only alternative they have is inducing IVF on Stacy. However, Suraj wishes on a "miracle" from God as his religious background contrast with the medical procedure.

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