Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lose their royal titles completely due to the royal prince's upcoming memoir?

Royal watchers began to contemplate whether Queen Elizabeth II would cut off Prince Harry and Meghan from the monarchy soon. However, it might not be the case regardless of the memoir's content.

A royal expert recently sat for an interview with E! News where he explained why it is highly unlikely the Queen would strip off the couple's titles.

According to Jonathan Sacerdoti, removing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's titles would be a problem for Her Majesty instead since she is not revengeful.

"It's unlikely that the Queen will take away with their titles, I don't think she's vengeful or spiteful but I think there are obviously problems going on within the family like there are in anyone's family," he explained.

However, he also noted that the Sussexes are currently inviting more attention despite their initial desire to have a quieter life in the U.S. This comes after they appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey and other damaging appearances.

Sacerdoti said that instead of increasing the amount of attention, the royal family does not want things to backfire.

But Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Already Lost Their HRH Titles After Megxit

Despite the threat, Queen Elizabeth II actually established a pact between Prince Harry and Meghan to prevent them from using their HRH titles.

After announcing their exit, Her Majesty prohibited them from using their HRH titles. The couple continues using their Duke and Duchess of Sussex title instead. A section of the sussexroyal.com website titled "Spring 2020 transition" also revealed their decision.

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After Megxit, they pledged not to actively use their HRH titles as they would no longer be working members of the royal family.

However, they nearly use them numerous times that the Duke of Sussex might use them again for his memoir.

Before this news came out, Express claimed that Prince Harry will highly likely use his HRH title to promote his book since the Penguin Random House called him formally during the announcement.

If he does, he would be breaching the deal he made with Queen Elizabeth II. For now, the royal watcher will not know anything about the book unless it finally gets published.

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