The possibility of Prince Harry revealing secrets and bombshell revelations in his new book is big. However, furious former staff members who worked for Prince Harry and Meghan during their time in the Royal Family are reportedly not going to take this possibility without a fight.

In case the book is published and there are some untruths there or information that could hurt the royals, they are reportedly hoping the they would have the chance speak out against the royal couple without the fear of repercussions. After all, the Prince has spoken first. 

If there are people who know stuff about the palace and the royals that nobody else cannot be privy to, this would be the staff. They might strive to stay quiet for most time out of respect for the palace and their jobs, but a tell-all by the Duke can reportedly trigger them to speak up. 

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Since they know that they are sworn into silence by the draconian confidentiality provisions of certain laws, including the Official Secrets Act, they are hoping that once Harry got his book published, they would no longer be bound by these provisions as this would be the perfect time to speak up and tell the truth.

 Arguably, most believe that so far, everything that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had been revealing fell under a false narrative to make them look like victims of the institution. They reportedly want to also defend Queen Elizabeth.

The staff were even implicated back when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry allowed themselves to be interviewed by Oprah. 

Meghan at the time claimed that the staff were involved in a "calculated smear campaign" against her. 

According to celebrated royal insider and analyst Dan Wootton, his own researchers told him that, "Harry and Meghan's former staff members are convinced that this book is being written to settle scores and will likely include a lot of detail about their time within the Royal Family." 

He also learned that, "based on the Oprah Winfrey interview, some of these ex-workers simply do not trust that a full and accurate picture will be presented."


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This is why as early as now, the royal staffers are talking among themselves how to act and what steps to taken when they have to "protect their own reputation and that of the monarchy post-publication."

Laws and provisions cannot stop them because there reportedly is a clause that can be applied in this situation. 

An insider reportedly explained that, "There may be a provision given to staff members to respond to any claims that they consider to be inaccurate." 

In addition, if the staff members themselves cannot speak up, another strategy can be employed.

"Maybe a blind eye could be turned if staff members used friends or family members to correct the record on their behalf," this source surmised.

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