John Travolta had a rough 2020 after his wife, Kelly Preston, passed away due to breast cancer. Following the tragic news, one outlet claimed that the actor would bid his goodbye to Hollywood forever. What's the truth?

A tabloid named "The Globe" published a report about Travolta seemingly losing interest in acting following his wife's death.

They mentioned that the actor doesn't want to "get in front of the camera again" as he's focusing on raising his two children because he "promised" his wife that he will take care of them.

The insider added that the actor's "career doesn't bring him happiness anymore," even citing the 2018 film "Gotti" because it is the last movie he starred in along with his wife.

The report came out after the "Saturday Night Fever" actor released a statement on his social media accounts where he mentioned that he would be taking his time off for his children. "forgive me in advance if you don't hear from us for a while." he wrote.

John Travolta's Retirement Issue Debunked

Following these claims, Gossip Cop published an article debunking all the tabloid's remarks.

Per the outlet, Travolta will not leave Hollywood anytime soon as his IMDb page states that he's currently in the process of shooting a film called "Paradise City" with Bruce Willis.

Late last year, he also appeared in a commercial with Samuel L. Jackson, dressed as Santa Claus.

Despite being busy with his career, his job as a full-time father is apparent on his social media accounts, where he regularly posts pictures of his children- Jett, Ella Bleu, and Benjamin.

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Not The First Time The Tabloid Published An Article Against Travolta

As stated by the outlet, this is not the first time the tabloid had published such an article regarding the "Pulp Fiction" star.

Earlier this year, they released a report regarding Tom Cruise and Travolta feuding. The Globe's sister magazine, OK!, had also reported that the actor was against his daughter's decision to start her acting career despite appearing in a Super Bowl commercial.

Kelly Preston's Death

According to People, Kelly Preston passed away on July 12 last year after battling breast cancer for over two years.

The actress decided to keep her medical condition private as she undergoes medical treatment, but her family members and close friends support her.

In 1991, Travolta popped the question to Preston in Switzerland. Months later, they tied the knot while she's pregnant with their first child Jett.

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