Princess Diana's niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, recently married in a lavish Italian ceremony over the weekend.

The new bride tied the knot to fashion mogul Michael Lewis.

The pair reportedly first met in 2018 and is believed to have gotten engaged during Christmas 2019 period.

People are still talking about Kitty Spencer's wedding only because they noticed she might have broken a particular tradition.

Lady Kitty Spencer's Wedding Dresses

The 30-year-old British fashion model wore not just one, but five Dolce & Gabbana dresses on her special day.

However, this already makes sense because she is an ambassador and has worked with the brand previously.

The design house shared several looks of the gowns, including the process of creation.

On Instagram, they wrote, "A glimpse at the #AltaModa gowns created exclusively by Dolce and Gabbana for @kitty.spencer on the most important day of her life."

It then featured a video of Kitty in five different dresses, which included a Victorian-inspired lace bridal gown.

The aristocrat also shared several pictures from her wedding day, speaking about how much she loved the dresses.

In the pictures, Kitty Spencer's hair is swept back into an elegant up-do. Her long, luxurious veil was pinned neatly in place.


The One Rule Lady Kitty Spencer Broke

Though she already looked radiant and beautiful, Lady Kitty Spencer decided against wearing the Spencer family tiara, which was famously worn by her late aunt Princess Diana during her wedding to Prince Charles.

The Spencer Tiara is diamond-encrusted and was created in the 1930s. It is said to be a gift to Princess Diana's grandmother, Lady Cynthia Hamilton.

Ever since, the beautiful accessory has been worn by most Spencer brides for their weddings, including Princess Diana's mother, her two older sisters Lady Sarah Spencer and Lady Jane Spencer.

Even Kitty's mom Victoria also chose to wear the family heirloom on her wedding day when she married Charles Spencer.

While Kitty's reason for not wearing the tiara and breaking the family tradition is unknown, one thing is sure - she looked beautiful with her different wedding looks with or without the tiara.


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Who Is Lady Kitty Spencer's Husband?

Lady Kitty Spencer's husband is 62-year-old Michael Lewis.

He is a South African fashion tycoon and chairman of Foschini Group, owning Whistles and Phase Eight, a famous British high street chain.

Michael reportedly has a net worth of $110 million.

Kitty and Michael may have bonded over their years in South Africa, where her parents moved to 1995.

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