Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist, has died. He was 72.

Hill's bandmates, Bill Gibbons and Frank Beard, delivered the heartbreaking news in a statement. The duo added that the founding member of ZZ Top passed away at his home in Houston.

"We are saddened by the news today that our Compadre, Dusty Hill, has passed away in his sleep at home in Houston, TX," Gibbons and Beard told Fox News. They also told the late member how much they will miss him and his performances to push the band to the top.

They concluded their message by assuring that the band members will always be connected to that "Blues Shuffle in C."

Gibbons and Beard shared the same statement on the trio's official Facebook account alongside a photo of the late bassist.

Following the news, their over 5 million fans on the social media site paid their tributes and reminisced the memories they had with the band.

One of their listeners said, "Oh no, just listening to them last night and thinking how good their music has always been with just those three. So proud of that Texas band. Jeez, Rest In Peace. A loss that will not be forgotten."

Others shared their sadness and heartbreak as they deal with another loss in the industry.

Dusty Hill's Cause of Death is Health-Related?

As of the writing, the group did not provide the exact cause of the death of the musician. However, it is worth noting that the bassist recently faced a health concern related to a hip issue.

On Friday, days before his death, the band wished for his speedy recovery. The hip pain persisted ever since he slipped and fell from the band's tour bus in August 2014. The injury caused the band to suspend their 2014 ZZ Top tour to allow him to receive treatment and recover.

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At that time, he received surgery and underwent physical rehabilitation to regain his strength.

In addition, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2000. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that the disease spread the hepatitis C virus through contact with blood from an infected patient.

Hill also underwent extensive surgery to remove kidney stones shortly before suffering from a hip injury. His doctors reportedly discovered the kidney stones during the routine exam and told him to have them removed immediately.

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