Anthony Barajas, a Los Angeles-based TikTok star, currently stays inside a hospital's intensive care unit after he was shot inside a movie theater.

Barajas sustained complicated injuries that led him to be on life support.

In a statement released by Corona, California's website, the police revealed that the shooting incident happened at a movie theater in the area on Monday.

While Barajas was seriously wounded, his 18-year-old companion was dead on the spot.

Cpl. Tobias Kouroubacalis of the Corona Police Department released a report to The Hollywood Reporter, confirming that Barajas and Goodrich visited the cinema at 9:35 p.m. The two reportedly watched the latest installment in the "Purge" franchise, "Forever Purge," at the mall.

In a separate statement to CBS Los Angeles, one of the theater's staff found the two while cleaning up.

The employee at the theater, Kailyn Dillon, said that no employees heard a gunshot or anything unusual during the screening.

"I know that we do have security bag checks that we do on the daily and, unfortunately, I'm not sure if just was missed or if it was in a holster on their belt," she went on.

Where is The Suspect?

Following the news, CBS News reported that the authorities arrested a man who has a possible connection with the shooting.

They added that the incident happened with no known motive. Thus, they ruled that the Monday attack was an unprovoked one.

The suspect, Joseph Jimenez, was arrested on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, and robbery. The police hold him on $2 million bail. The 20-year-old reportedly owns a firearm that has the same caliber as the weapon used in the shooting.

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On Wednesday, Cpl. Kouroubacalis confirmed that witnesses already came forward to the police and led them to Jimenez. Meanwhile, investigators said that the suspect did the shooting alone.

"There's no information the suspect and the victims had any prior contact before these crimes took place," he went on.

The suspect also did not have a ticket for the said movie. Meanwhile, the authorities refused to allege that Jimenez got inspired by the movie.

As of the writing, users named Ashley-Starr Cole and Justice Burgess launched a GoFundMe page to assist Goodrich's funeral.

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