Kim Kardashian faces a new controversy regarding her brand's name as another company slams the reality star's trademark.

According to the letter obtained by TMZ, the New York City-based brand called "SKKN+" under Beauty Concepts LLC sent a cease and desist to the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star.

The lawyers representing the brand claim that Beauty Concepts has been operating a website link and social media usernames with the same letters as Kardashian announced recently for the rebranding of "KKW Cosmetics."

The brand, owned by Cyndie Lunsford, also claims that they applied for a U.S. Patent and Trademark earlier this year to obtain the official rights for the "SKNN+" logo.

However, Kardashian filed for a trademark earlier than the said brand, late last year to be exact. The outlet stated that reality star applied for the name "SKKN BY KIM."

'SKKN+' Disappointed With Kim Kardashian

The company is now coming forward saying that they spent endless hours and money on building the brand, which was established three years ago.

They claim that Kardashian's business name would confuse consumers in the market.

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Kim Kardashian's Team Speaks Out

Kardashian's legal counsel, Attorney Michael G. Rhodes, spoke to the outlet, saying that they love supporting small businesses and applaud Lunsford for establishing the brand. Still, they revealed that everything comes down to the trademark, and they believe that they didn't do anything wrong.

Rhodes stated that they are also disappointed because Lunsford decided to publicize the incident instead of talking to them in person, but he revealed that they are scheduled for a call tomorrow.

"So while disagreeing with the letter, we're hopeful that we can smooth things over once both sides speak." he added.

Not The First Time Kim Kardashian Faced Such Issue

In early reports, Kim Kardashian was also slammed while creating her other brand, "SKIMS."

Before the actual name was put out in the market, Kardashian's team initially named it "KIMONO," which caused significant outrage online.

Kardashian was accused of cultural appropriation as fans think she's stealing the popular Japanese clothing's name from its origin.

Mayor of Kyoto, Japan, Daisaku Kadokawa, even sent her an open letter to stop the trademark.

The beauty mogul quickly changed her decision and dropped the trademark, later renaming it as "SKIMS."

"My fans and followers are a huge inspiration to me - I'm always listening to their feedback and opinions, and am so grateful they shared their ideas for a new brand name," she wrote on Instagram.

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