Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, had a fair share of tabloid stories about them; this recent one might be the most bizarre out of all reports.

According to an article published by National Enquirer, a source claims that DeGeneres has been spending her time practicing the "silent treatment" to learn apes' communication patterns.

One of the couple's charitable acts is sponsoring a gorilla sanctuary in Africa, and DeGeneres allegedly wants to learn sign language and prevent communicating verbally as possible.

However, the insider claims that de Rossi is not having any of it as the talk show host keeps on staying silent even though they're arguing.

De Rossi is said to be "freaked out" by the situation as she believes that DeGeneres had "reach her limit" because she barely speaks to her at all.

The comedian's wife thinks it already became a "crazy obsession."

"At least Ellen isn't arguing all the time, but Portia says Ellen still contradicts her, in sign language!" The source added.

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Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Feud Debunked

Following the report, Gossip Cop debunked all the tabloid's claims by saying that the sources were not named and not credible.

The outlet believes that the story is "made up" because the story's logic is not accurate.

The tabloid mentioned above had also written false articles about the married couple in the past.

Earlier this year, they claimed that de Rossi was pressuring DeGeneres to move into another country after the toxic work environment issue that the host faced over the past year.

In early reports, another tabloid named "NW" claims that de Rossi allegedly left the talk show host and moved to Montecito, California, after the first lockdown because "they're having problems."

The reasoning behind this is that the pair were having "marital issues" because de Rossi allegedly wants DeGeneres to retire, but she refuses to.

The report was later debunked because the couple had been regularly posting videos and photos with each other on Instagram.

At the time of this writing, both Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres has not confirmed all the rumors written about them.

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