If Britney Spears' actions are to be taken as an indication, analysts claim that she is now no longer fearful about how her conservatorship hearing would go. Is she confident that the hearing will ultimately end in her favor? Will she be freed from her conservatorship finally?

If things go right, why not. If she tells everything that she had trutfully suffered because of this conservatorship, why not? 

Britney Spears has another court date looming in September, and a source exclusively shared to Hollywood Life that she "doesn't want to be scared to speak." 

The source even said that the singer is feeling more confident, which her IG posts can attest to. 

 Britney is feeling more confident than ever right now which is why she's posting so many topless photos," the source explained.

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One can do a quick check on the pop star's social media account to know what the source is saying is true. Britney Spears did indeed post several racy photos recently. Although why this would be taken as anything connected to her being confident in the hearing is questionable.

What are weird about these photos however is that apart from being topless and just wearing a pair of daisy dukes, the posts were caption-less.  Spears is now known for her lengthy captions and to have none for certain posts feels weird. 

Britney offered no caption except three lip emojis as she gave the camera a smoldering look in one of these photos.


The source however is adamant that there is a connection between these posts and her conservatorship.


"She is looking forward to her next court date. She wants to be heard and doesn't want to be silenced right now," the insider also said. "Appointing her own counsel felt like such a victory for her which is why her confidence is through the roof," the insider further explained. 

Britney Spears is not alone in her fight though. There are so many co-artists, fans, and many commenters who truly believe that she must already be removed from conservatorship or her father should be removed from being her conservator. This support can truly add to anyone's confidence if they are in the same situation. 

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