Jay Pickett has died on the set of his new movie "Treasure Valley" in Idaho. He was 60 years old.

News about Pickett's sudden death continuously spread online after his co-star, Jim Heffel, shared the devastating update on his Facebook page.

Heffel, who also serves as the film's producer, detailed that Pickett died while riding a horse during the filming.

"Yesterday I lost a good friend and the world lost a great person. Jay Pickett decided to ride off into the Heavens. Jay died sitting on a horse ready to rope a steer in the movie Treasure Valley in Idaho. The way of a true cowboy," he wrote.

The actor added that Pickett himself wrote and starred in the masterpiece he created. Because of his passing, Heffel expressed the saddening statement of how the soap actor will be missed.

Meanwhile, Heffel's co-producer Travis Mills paid him a tribute through the movie's official Facebook page on Sunday. He also shared the apparent cause of death, although he refused to add more details.

According to Mills, there is no official explanation yet for the cause of the star's death. However, they all assumed it was caused by a fatal heart arrack. Everyone on the set reportedly tried to revive him but ended up losing him in the tragedy instead.

He concluded his post by recalling what Pickett loved doing: making movies, riding horses, and acting.

Actor Kin Shriner, stuntman Ardeshir Radpour, and actress Marie Wilson - among others - shared their tributes, as well.

RIP, Jay Pickett

Before the awful event happened, Pickett shared his acting skills with the public and contributed a lot to Hollywood's soap and movie industries.

Pickett first realized he wants to be an actor during his college years. He attended Boise State University and received a BA degree in acting. He went on to grab his MFA from UCLA.

He graced several TV shows throughout the years including "China Beach," "Perry Mason, "Days of Our Lives," "Mr. Beldevere," and "Dragnet."

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According to IMDB, Pickett appeared in over 762 episodes of the "General Hospital" spin-off from 1997 to 2003. He also played Detective David Harper's role on "General Hospital" itself and Dr. Chip Lakin on "Days of Our Lives."

In terms of movies, he also scored several titles under his belt. Among the projects, he took part in were "The Work Wife," "A Matter of Faith," and "Soda Springs."

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