Vanessa Valladares came out of hiding and was recently spotted on a cute coffee date with her friend, after her breakup with the "High School Musical" actor Zac Efron.

The barista-turned-model is still under the watchful eye of the paparazzi even after breaking up with Zac Efron in April.

A few months have passed since their sudden split, and Vanessa looked happier than ever, looking glowing under the Australian sun. The former barista was photographed chatting and strolling around with her friend in Byron Bay last Thursday, as of Daily Mail.

She looked relaxed and effortlessly beautiful with no makeup on, wearing a stylish button-down shirt with cutouts on the side. The model was also seen grinning widely and looking content as she exits a local wellness store the day before.

According to the same source, the still-single Vanessa opted to go for comfort that day and went naturally braless.

Did Zac Efron Buy a House in Australia?

Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares had been steadily dating for almost a year before their break up earlier this year.

The two met at a cafe in Byron Bay, where Vanessa worked as a barista before her career in modeling took off. The media often described their relationship as a whirlwind romance. A source close to the couple had said, "they were besotted with each other."

According to this article, the "Baywatch" star had allegedly spent 2 million dollars on an Australian mansion.

The rumored estate, located in the Wategos Beach neighborhood, is labeled "the best house in Byron Bay." The property boasts five bedrooms, a separate room for yoga and gaming, a private infinity pool and, a secret passage to the nearby beach.

The actor had planned on sharing the house with Valladares, but the relationship had ended before any confirmation.

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Efron-Valladares, What Caused Their Split?

The reason remains unknown as the two parties involved have yet to speak up on why they decided to call it quits. The news had only broken out after one of Zac's close friends confirmed the news on his behalf.

The Hollywood actor has been booked and busy, recently flying off to different countries to work on new projects.

The leading assumption published by sources is that Zac's busy work schedule might have caused a rift in their relationship.

His most recent update is him currently working on a film with Jessica Alba as they posted pictures of them on social media. "She drives. I pick the playlist," Efron said in his Instagram post.

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