Wendy Williams had numerous false stories written about her. This recent one might have crossed the line as a tabloid allege that the TV host is desperate to find a new love following her divorce from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

According to a report published by Globe, Williams has been going out on dates with "boytoys" even though she's not romantically interested.

The situation left her friends fearing for her mental health as the report stated that she has been on a "downward spiral" after her Hunter had cheated on her with other women, including when she was pregnant.

The outlet suggests that the TV host is trying to fill the void caused by her divorce, and now she's desperate to find love.

Another shocking thing that the outlet revealed is that Williams allegedly entered the online dating scene as she has been in multiple dating apps where she "uses fake pictures" to hide her true identity.

When she successfully matched with a guy, she would allegedly invite them over to her penthouse.

The tabloid's insider also claims that the boys she's out to get are "really young," in their 20s to be specific, and they mentioned that younger men are "the only ones that can really satisfy her."

The source claims that the situation left her "reckless" as she stays up late at night and arrives at the set of her show, "The Wendy Williams Show," looking exhausted.

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Wendy Williams Interested In Dating Ray J?

Aside from the information mentioned above, the tabloid also suggests that Williams is trying her luck to have a relationship with Ray J, the man infamously known for Kim Kardashian's sex tape in 2005.

The tabloid suggests that Williams' friends fear for her overall well-being as she's totally "out of control."

Her friends also allegedly advised her to stop and take a break from her dating life, but "she won't listen."

Wendy Williams' Desperation Issue Debunked

Following the report, Gossip Cop debunked all the recent issues surrounding the TV host's dating life.

The outlet stated that the tabloid has been using offensive words to describe Williams and the published article's purpose is to insult her.

They also revealed that the sources were not reliable, and none of the so-called "boytoys" has come forward to expose Williams. There were no other reports published regarding the issue.

To reveal the actual score between the host and Ray J, Williams took to Instagram in June to post a snap of her and the rapper as they're on their way to have brunch with each other.

However, they are not romantically involved as Williams wrote in the caption that she treats the rapper as her "little brother," and he is a close family friend.

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