Trevor Moore, the co-founder of "The Whitest Kids U Know," has died. He was 41.

Moore's wife and family confirmed the tragic news through his manager, saying that the comedian died on Friday.

As reported by Deadline, Moore, unfortunately, succumbed after getting involved in an unspecified accident.

"We are devastated by the loss of my husband, best friend and the father of our son," the statement said, per Fox News. "He was known as a writer and comedian to millions, and yet to us he was simply the center of our whole world."

His manager, Kara Welker, said that his family also asked for privacy as they continuously deal with the sudden loss.

Following his death, Moore's fans, who have watched "The Whitest Kids U Know," paid tribute to the late actor and comedian.

One fan shared a clip from the comedy show and penned a heartfelt message.

"WKUK was one of the best sketch comedy shows of the 00s. Right there with Chappelle's Show. Trevor Moore was a fantastic comedic mind and a great human who will be dearly missed," one said.

Another added, "RIP Trevor Moore. I've never felt so much pain at the loss of someone I've never met. I will never forget you and the impression you left on me as long as I live. Thanks for everything, man."

However, some Twitter users also began launching theories about the "accident" that led to his death. Some suggested that it would have been publicly known if he died of car accident.

But due to lack of details, they assumed that he might have succumbed due to fentanyl overdose or auto-erotic aspyhxiation. Another suggested that he died while surfing.

As of the writing, the nature of the accident will remain unknown to people unless the family shares the official autopsy report or death certificate online.

Trevor Moore's Legacy Will Never Be Forgotten

Prior to his sudden passing, the comedian began his journey at the age of 12. According to The Virginian-Pilot said, Moore became the world's youngest published cartoonist at that time.

Years later, he started writing weekly cartoons and sketch comedy programs.

He became well-renowned as one of the founders of the comedy show. He collaborated with Darren Trumeter, Timmy Williams, Zach Cregger, and Sam Brown to launch the show.

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Moore rose to fame even more after winning an award from the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival award in 2006. He also released a five-season self-titled series on IFC before spreading its popularity on YouTube.

Throughout his career, he already shared his talent to several award-winning shows, including Disney XD series "Walk the Prank" and "Saturday Night Live" where he met his wife, Aimee.

He also grew up to be one of the vital members of the Comedy Central family.

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