Markie Post, "Night Court" actress, has died at the age of 70.

The Hollywood has been bombarded with death news this week, with Post as the latest actress to succumb due to an alarming disease.

Post's manager, Ellen Lubin Sanitsky, confirmed the news to Deadline. According to her, the actress lost against cancer after three years and 10 months of battle.

The manager also shared another statement to CNN, delivering the same tragic news.

Sanitsky nor Post's family did not reveal what type of cancer she suffered from. But the news outlet disclosed that the actress continued acting and working amid her cancer battle and chemotherapy treatments.

Throughout her battle, he starred in a Lifetime Christmas movie and frequently appeared on the ABC series "The Kids Are Alright" as a guest star.

"But for us, our pride is in who she was in addition to acting; a person who made elaborate cakes for friends, sewed curtains for first apartments and showed us how to be kind, loving and forgiving in an often harsh world," the statement went on.

A Tribute For Markie Post

The California native star did not initially show herself in front of the camera.

Post graced the TV industry by working behind the scenes on game shows. She worked as the associate producer of Alex Trebek's game series "Double Dare." A few years later, she finally began her on-screen career by joining the shows "Chips," "Hart to Hart," and "The Incredible Hulk."

Her fame continuously bloomed since then, thanks to her 1980s works "The Fall Guy" and "Night Court."

After her cancer diagnosis, she continued to appear in several shows, with "Santa Clarita Diet" as one of the most recent ones.

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Following her death, her former co-stars immediately paid tribute and remembered the time they spent with them.

On Twitter, Sophia Bush, who played her daughter on "Chicago P.D." expressed her heartbreak after learning the news.

"I'm just heartbroken at the news of Markie's passing ... she was a rock. A light. A great friend and a phenomenal scene partner. She brought sunshine everywhere she went. Prayers," she wrote.

Meanwhile, her "One Tree Hill" co-star Hilarie Burton shared her grief through an Instagram post. She also took her time to reminisce the memories they shared while working on the 2013 film "Christmas on the Bayou" in Louisiana.

Details about Post's funeral remain undisclosed to the public.

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