R. Kelly will finally undergo a trial again after facing delays in the past months.

On Monday, R. Kelly will sit in front of the judge and jury again for his scheduled trial over racketeering charges.

The particular New York trial will explore the federal charges against him for allegedly sexually abusing young teens. The disgraced R&B singer received charges over the "criminal enterprise" he created where his employees helped him recruit women and girls for explicit activities.

With his upcoming New York trial, a legal analyst warned the aftereffects if R. Kelly fails to defend himself this time.

R. Kelly In Great Trouble

According to ABC 7 Chicago legal analyst Gil Soffer, the singer's trial will affect his other cases like the one in Chicago.

"All eyes are on this one because if this charge, if these charges, result in a conviction, then those other cases might not necessarily move forward," Soffer said. "Or if they do, they might move forward under a plea agreement."

He pointed out that the star might face criminal counts from the years-worth of exploitation. The recent bombshell allegation about him having sexual contact with a 17-year-old boy in 2006 also made the situation more complicated.

R. Kelly, though, has since denied abusing anyone.

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Following the revelation, the government now demands the jurors to hear the claims and related convictions in the upcoming trial. The jury selection will also begin in New York federal court this week.

Soffer then explained how jury selection is an important process as it will allow the judge to question the jurors and vice versa.

The new development came after Judge Ann Donnelly approved their request to move the jury selection but denied to delay the opening statements.

At that time, his new representative Deveraux Cannick asked a judge to postpone the upcoming sex trafficking trial. He submitted a formal letter to the judge asking for an extension since he still has not prepared due to R. Kelly's mandatory quarantine.

R. Kelly spent 14 days on quarantine at the Metropolitan Detention Center following his transfer from Chicago. Because of this, it snatched away his supposed legal time with his new representative. The lack of conference rooms in the New York City Jail also prevented them from meeting as soon as possible.

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