The mother of two, Kelly Clarkson, put her foot down as her bitter divorce with her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, proceeds to its final stages.   On recent news, Brandon Blackstock asked the singer to shoulder their Montana ranch. 

Kelly is not backing down without a fight amidst divorce from her former manager and lover as she refused court orders. According to TMZ, the "American Idol" reportedly brought in a monthly income of $1.5 million compared to Blacstock's $10k a month.

The singer's entire career is also worth $45 million, selling over 25 million albums and 45 million singles.

Due to this information, Clarkson is required to cough up a combined $195,000 for monthly supposal and child support until the divorce is finalized in court.

This issue is old news as Blackstock has received his monthly spousal support of $150k since April 2021.


What Happens To Brandon's Ranch?

Clarkson has already agreed to cover 70% of River Rose and Remington Alexander's private school tuition.

However, Kelly refused to financially answer the running cost of her ex's ranch, presenting it as a deal-breaker to which the judge agreed.

Daily Mail reported that the court sided with Clarkson regarding the couple's Montana ranch where Blackstock currently resides.

Brandon will be shouldering the financial responsibility of maintaining his Montana residence, amounting to approximately $80k per month. Moreover, court documents have revealed his career change, "[Blackstock] made a very deliberate choice to change his life and become a rancher full-time."

Upon leaving the entertainment industry, the former manager will be sponsoring rodeos and tending livestock as a livelihood.

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Court Denies Kelly Clarkson's Prenup

Aside from previous spousal and child support orders, Kelly Clarkson will be covering her ex's legal expenses. The manager-turned-rancher incurred around 1.25 million dollars in attorney fees throughout their divorce battle.

It has been over a year since Kelly initially filed for divorce in June 2020, as she requests the court to declare her being single legally.

The "Since You've Been Gone" singer's bitter experience with her divorce included multiple attempts to terminate Blackstock's ability to seek spousal support.

Clarkson and Blackstock had allegedly signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage which Kelly is demanding to be enforced.

If the court allows the agreement, it could outline a solid custody arrangement for the family.

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