Kelly Clarkson is legally required to pay child support and spousal support to ex-husband Brandon Blackstock.

The Los Angeles County Court has recently ordered the "American Idol" winner to provide Blackstock a $150,000 spousal support every month.

Aside from the $45,601 in child support, the singer is also responsible for paying her estranged husband's legal fees.

These combined amounts to $200,00 per month and 3.2 Million dollars annually if the two parties agree on the settlement.

According to various sources, the celebrity earns around $1.9 million a month and has a net worth of approximately $45,000,000.

Brandon had been Clarkson's manager in Starstruck Entertainment with his father, Narvel Blackstock.

Twitter Reacts to Kelly Clarkson's Messy Divorce

The news of Kelly Clarkson's messy divorce settlements has reached social media, and the Twitter community has a lot to say.

Most of them are enraged about it, "#brandonblackstock will be getting paid thousands from #KellyClarkson for spousal support. Really?! You're a man, don't you work weirdo? #sissy"

  While others have the "eat the rich" mindset, "Kelly Clarkson gotta pay $200k/month in spousal support. Whew. They be dong the rich so wrong."

"He has no chance at being a manager anymore since everyone knows all about him and his character," replied one user to an angry Kelly fan.

  Some advice was also given, "If I were Kelly Clarkson's ex, I'll man up and won't take that money. Why let a woman pay you such. Man up bro and decline."

"Kelly Clarkson gotta pay that man all that money... I hope he doesn't think he's a man," said another individual.

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Can Kelly Clarkson Pay Off $5.5 Mansion?

This month, Kelly Clarkson purchased her post-breakup mansion, which was priced at $5.5 million.

The New York Post reported that the mansion is located in Toluca Lake in Lose Angeles, California.

The 5,000 square feet mansion has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, retailing in the market for $5.445 million. The "Since You've Been Gone" singer bought the estate after being given primary custody of her two daughters.

The girls will be visited by their father, Brandon Blackstock, in their new home as Clarkson's ex earned the visitation rights over them. After four years on the market, the celebrity also sold her Tennessee mansion for 6.3 million.

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