According to fans, Tom Cruise is undoubtedly one of the gorgeous actors in Hollywood, and he has to live up to their expectations. To maintain his youthful-looking appearance, the actor is reportedly doing a dire and lengthy skincare routine; How true is this?

The "Mission Impossible" actor is going to welcome another decade in his life next year as he's turning 60 years old. Many supporters wonder how Cruise maintains to look almost the same as he did years back.

According to a report published by National Enquirer, a source revealed the shocking daily process of the actor's alleged skin regimen, and it's going to blow your mind.

The insider mentioned that Cruise is spending at least 30 minutes a day for his face alone. That's why he needs to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, especially on busy days. He also allegedly does it every night.

They claim that the actor plunges his face in ice water for a full minute and uses various skin products such as eye cream, toner, serum for the eyes and face, moisturizer, and all sorts of creams.

That's not all; the source also revealed that Cruise allegedly owns various modern-day gadgets for his skin, like an LED face mask. The actor is also following a strict food diet as he's been eating low carbohydrate foods for years to reduce the redness of his skin.

Lastly, Tom Cruise is allegedly visiting his dermatologist regularly to get rid of other imperfections. Another insider mentioned that the actor got "a little help from Botox and facial fillers," micro-needling procedures, and laser treatments.

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Tom Cruise's Facial Skin Care Routine Debunked

Although the report sounds convincing as many A-list celebrities publicly shared their beauty secrets in the past, Gossip Cop believes that his routine isn't "objectionable."

The outlet added that the tabloid's claims are from baseless speculations only and the sources who dished out information aren't reliable. If the insider is genuine with their claims, the outlet stated that they should name the products he uses.

In addition, Tom Cruise previously spoke to Men's Health, saying that his secret for having a youthful aura despite his age is a dedicated nutrition and training plan, which primarily consists of workout routines.

The actor has also not publicly reveal whether he's currently following a personal beauty regimen or not.

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