Fans worldwide are excited because "The Walking Dead" is finally coming back to TV screens for its 11th and final season.

Recently, Norman Reedus, who plays the role of Daryl, teased fans a few minor spoilers that people could expect in the upcoming season.

Speaking to TV Line and co-star Melissa McBride, they revealed that the introduction of the community on the show would be more "seismic" compared to previous seasons. (watch the latest trailer for the upcoming season below)

Reedus described it as "very surreal," He mentioned that the show has been switching things up every season, but the upcoming one would show a whole new backdrop, color scheme, and "a whole new attitude."

In addition, he stated that the show would be "Technicolor all of a sudden," and fans will probably have a hard time adjusting to it because the cast themselves also had troubles.

The actor compared the significant shift of the show to "Alice in Wonderland," where the protagonist fell into the rabbit hole, and she's confused about where she's at. He also described it as a painting by Salvador Dali, which shows an entirely different perspective from reality.

McBride, who plays the role of Carol, also gave out a hint on the future of their characters on the show. She mentioned that both Daryl and Carol wouldn't be relying on each other for the first time. The two characters will explore the importance of trust as they work to make amends.

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"I think most everything they went through was understood, so it's not really making amends so much as getting comfortable and sort of crawling back into that rapport. McBride added." (via the outlet mentioned above.)

According to Matt & Jess TV Commentary, the upcoming season is expected to be the show's oddest one in history.

Fans won't expect a regurgitation of the 10th season as the upcoming series is having a major revamp as they introduce the "Commonwealth."

Besides Reedus and other returning cast members, the show will also feature new faces that would be substantial for the storyline.

The latest "The Walking Dead" season airs on August 22, Sunday, at 9/8c, only on AMC.

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