Barack Obama has just turned 60 years old, and in his age and generation, some former Pro-Obamas are canceling him for throwing a star-studded party in the middle of a pandemic.

In fact, the former President of the United States had more than enough face masks for him and his party guests and were even custom ones, but didn't put them to good use.

Obama has been slammed for the last couple of days for throwing a huge bash at Martha's Vineyard with about 200 guests showed up, including Jay-Z and Beyonce, John Legend, and Chrissy Teigen, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, and so much more.

These celebrities are said to be friends of the 44th POTUS. But most of them didn't wear any masks, unfortunately.

No matter how it might have seemed initially, according to TMZ, Obama provided his guests with face masks that were tailor-fit specifically for his 60th birthday.

It has a 44x70 logo on the side, custom-made by a company named HENRY Mask.

The firm told the outlet that they gifted Barack Obama more than a thousand custom facial coverings for the birthday boy and his guests and the staff at the party.

Celebrity designer Richfresh, the co-founder of HENRY, was commissioned to create the custom masks for all events such as the cooks, bartenders, and hosts and has decided that the mask is the best gift to Obama and partygoers as a token of his appreciation.

Richfresh is a well-known designer who created custom polo and printed shirts and matching pants of different colors.

And as for wearing the masks, it appears that the guests would wear and not wear them - to each their own.

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Most of the people at the party, including Obama, didn't cover their mouths and noses.

Because of the Delta variant, the CDC and other doctors have urged people, whether vaccinated or not vaccinated, to wear masks indoors.

The tent where Obama's party was held is qualified as indoor.

Aside from social media fury, residents near Martha's Vineyard were also angry that a massive party and many people had invaded their quiet island.

According to another TMZ report, the Secret Service has ordered people around and blocked the roads to ensure the safety of Obama and his guests.

Additionally, like other people, the residents were also concerned about the spread of the Delta variant, especially in their area.


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