Despite hosting two exclusive listening parties in Atlanta and one secret listening event in Las Vegas, Kanye West has still not dropped his highly-anticipated 10th album "Donda."

The Grammy award-winning rapper still hasn't explained why he continues to test his loyal fans' patience. However, it seems like this time; there could finally be a concrete answer as to why "Donda" is still unreleased.

It was previously reported that West was supposed to drop "Donda" on August 5 and then August 6. But it's already August 9 today.

Mike Dean, who is a frequent collaborator of the Sunday Service creator, is said to be the reason why there's still no new album from Kanye.

Dean worked with the dad-of-four previous multi-platinum albums such as "Graduation," "808s and Heartbreaks," and "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

During the August 5 second listening event held at the Mercedes-Benz Atlanta Stadium, Kanye West was busy speaking to somebody on his mobile.

Dean also took to Twitter while replying to a meme that it was him 'Ye was talking to on the phone.

Is THIS The Reason 'Donda' Is Still Not Out?

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of Kanye West on the photo with the caption, "make Sure Mike Dean locked up in that room. We not finished yet."

The famous music producer then responded to the tweet, saying, "He was actually calling me from a mix mistake!! Lol."

The tweet revealed that the "All of the Lights" hitmaker wasn't happy with the mixing and the mastering of the songs on his albums, which could be why "Donda" hasn't been released as per the schedule.

For those who don't know, Mike Dean has been staying with West on his "temporary home," also known as "one of the rooms in the stadium."

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New Song From 'Donda' Releasing Soon

Though there's no official tracklist from "Donda" released yet, one song titled "Hurricane" was already dropped.

The song featured The Weeknd and Lil Baby and is expected to land on streaming platforms very soon.

With Kanye West failing to released "Donda" on its first schedule of July 23, and then later August 5, then August 6, it is now expected that he may finally drop it on August 15.

Fans will once again or have to wait for "Donda" to be officially released for the fourth time. In the meantime, they can pre-order the entire album on Apple Music.

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