O.J. Simpson was being delusional following his comments about the person who really killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, Tanya Brown said.

In a new interview with news outlet, Tanya called out O.J. over his recent comments about bumping into the real killer. Per Nicole's sister, what he said was just absurd and disrespectful.

But at the same time, it only proved how delusional he is.

Per Tanya, anyone can check on the DNA evidence as it evinced the blood found at the crime scene were from Nicole, Ron, and O.J.

She added that, after so many years of trying to hide his crime, the former athlete now believes his own illogical thoughts. Although she knew she forgave him at some point in her life, Tanya warned him that he is just being disrespectful by bringing out the matter again and adding more lies.

What O.J. Simpson Alleged?

Tanya's comments came after O.J. appeared in an interview with The Athletic. At that time, he said that he does not want to go to Los Angeles as he fears meeting the killer who claimed the lives of Nicole and Ron.

"I have trouble with L.A.," he told Tim Graham, per NBC Sports. "People may think this is self-serving, but I might be sitting next to whoever did it. I really don't know who did this."

O.J. unceasingly let go of several statements he already said in the past. Even after the gruesome crime he committed, he revealed that he is having a pretty good life.

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In the same interview, O.J. boasted how most Americans badly want to live his life. He explained that he does not work and play gold instead. He also noted how he is able to go out with his friends and be chased by random ladies.

He then alleged that the media will not report anything good about his life. But he, still, assured that he is living the best life now.

Despite the evidence and statements against him, he continued to insist on his innocence and said that the real killer is at large.

In the end, he shared the one suspect he reportedly told his lawyers to look after. For now, he refused to talk about it due to a potential defamation lawsuit once he does.

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