Joe Exotic is reportedly preparing himself to die due to cancer as he still has not received any treatment since the diagnosis.

It has been months since Joe first received the saddening news about his health. Despite having a chance to seek medical treatment, he reportedly has not received any that he is now in a lot of pain.

Joe Exotic Cancer Worsening?

According to The Sun, he already requested the authorities to allow him to undergo colonoscopy and endoscopy to check on his status. However, none of these has been approved yet, making him compare his life as something "worse than at any humane society for dogs."

"This is crazy how they put people in here and just let you die. The things that I've seen and the dead people I've seen wheeled out of here is outrageous and it's time that our president and our politicians hear the truth," he said.

He detailed that he feels concerned about his stomach and pelvis now. As a result of his initial diagnosis, he started to puke whenever he pees since the pain already got worse.

Joe reportedly suffers from extreme pain in his hip and pelvis that he could barely walk.

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With the absence of treatment and medical assistance, he pledged not to try any treatments if the next test results would say his cancer is already on stage three or four.

Meanwhile, his attorney, John M. Phillips, told another news outlet that Joe was supposed to have an appointment on Monday. Unfortunately, he remained unchecked due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Joe's Prison Sentence

The health update came after a judge for Oklahoma's 10th District Court vacated his sentence.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals found out that a lower court made a mistake and failed to group both murder-for-hire convictions together during Exotic's sentencing.

"Although the district court apparently thought that the two murder-for-hire plots shared a common criminal objective, it mistakenly (although quite understandably) thought that grouping would not be proper unless they were also part of the same course of conduct," the document from Joe's camp said.

Originally, his sentencing guidelines became 362 to 327 months from the original 210 to 262 months.

The convictions against him were maintained despite the decision.

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