Gwen Stefani recently posted a photoshopped image of her and her husband Blake Shelton on Twitter, which garnered criticism from some users online.

The photograph featured "The Voice" judges in a sort of throwback pic in 2003 when they were both in prime youthfulness.

It seemed like Stefani heavily edited the image to look like the two attended the red carpet event of the CMA Awards show by the looks of the background.

According to sources, Stefani in the picture was sporting her signature outfit from her "No Doubt" era- a cutoff shirt with track pants.

Meanwhile, a younger-looking Shelton looking very dashing in his matching black suede cowboy hat and suit.

Gwen Stefani Edited Out Kaynette Williams

Although the post was primarily innocent, some fans can't seem to shake off the fact that Shelton attended the event with his ex-wife.

Kaynette Williams was married to Blake Shelton from 2003 to 2006 and was present at the 2003 CMA red carpet.

However, the picture of Gwen used in the post was from 2004, resulting in a failed Photoshop edit due to time inaccuracy.

"The Sweet Escape" starlet wasn't even acquainted with her husband until they both became judges on the singing competition television series.

Upon further examination, the original snapshot of the country singer didn't even include Kaynette in the first place as it was a solo shot on the carpet.

After she uploaded the photoshopped image, Gwen never left an explanation, which led fans to attack her comment section.

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Twitter Community Reacts to Photoshop Picture

Stefani made the edit her display icon on her personal Twitter account and announced it by tweeting out, "#NewProfilePic."

Unaware of the facts, a few fans found the picture disrespectful and called the "Hollaback Girl" singer petty for allegedly photoshopping it, sources reported. Opinions were made as one person said, "A bit classless and disrespectful probably should have given this epic fail a little more thought before doing it."

"Could've chosen a million pics from him from award shows. Petty to use one and photoshop an ex wife out of it." one accounted tweeted out.

To which, a hardcore Stefani fan replied, "She simply didn't. The original pic + the edit a fan made. A joke that has been going on for years among fans + in Blake's profile pics. Because they look odd together, their styles clash."

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