Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with her second child? Is she hiding it until she pops, just like what she did when she was pregnant with Stormi Webster? Those who saw her promotions about her new Gold line believe she could be.

After the weeks of speculation that the just turned 24-year-old billionaire makeup mogul is with child, Kylie seemed to have attempted to shut down the rumors by posting photos that she claimed were just taken a day before - on the day of her birthday - with a champagne glass in hand. 

It's as if she's deliberately telling her fans that since she has a champagne on her hand, people can now stop saying she's pregnant.

However, unless she can be seen drinking that champagne, speculations would continue. The rumors are also likelier to intensify the more Jenner pushes the idea that she is not pregnant. Some say her recent photos seemed to have shown a fuller chest, prrompting some to say she's pregnant. 

According to Radar Online, there's more proof to claim the champagne shot as a half-thought out strategy to persuade fans she's not pregnant.

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Later in Kylie's birthday, the mogul and her famous sisters documented her celebrations with tons of IG stuff. One of them was the hands-only shot on Kim Kardashian's Instagram Story that showed all the girls - including Kylie - holding beverages in martini glasses. It can be seen that half of the crew had a style of beverage and the other group had another. One group had their glasses with a purple flower while the other group had none. 

But Kylie's (she's part of the purple flower group),  showcased a deeper and bigger purple flower than the rest. 

This had people speculating that her purple flower signified that her beverage was nonalcoholic and safe for pregnant women.

But then, if she is truly hiding her pregnancy, she could have her own reasons. In the KUWTK reunion special, she answered the question why she hid the first pregnancy a secret. 

"I shared so much of my life," Kylie answered. "I was also really young when I got pregnant, and it was just a lot for me personally. I didn't know how I would bring that to the public too and have everyone's opinion. I think it was just something that I needed to go through by myself."

This is quite valid. 

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