Eminem's former wife, Kim Scott, was reportedly hospitalized after attempting suicide on July 30. 

At the time of her attempt made it to several media outlets, nobody really knew what could've caused her to end her life.

But it is being assumed that the 46-year-old had been grieving the death of her mom, who passed away only a week before the said incident after losing her battle with long-term health problems. 

According to the obituary, Kathy Sluck, Scott's mom, died in Detroit at the age of 65 on July 23. 

A heartwarming comment was reportedly written by Scott on her mom's memory page per The Sun, which reads, "I don't even know where to being mom!!!" 

"I don't even know how to do this without you I just wanted you to not hurt or suffer or fight for me anymore!!! But I'm sure you know that!!!"

Despite Kim Scott's grief, she still went on to thank her late mom, saying she had been the backbone that she and her kids needed over the years. 

She also praised her mom for being the person who taught her how to keep fighting and the type of parent who exerted a lot of effort to show her how to love herself, just as much as her mother had loved her. 

Eminem's ex also went on to acknowledge her late mom for the impact she had on her grandchildren, thanking her for teaching her kids how to "love and respect" others. 

The comment further said, "We've had our riffs but not one second of one day would I not have given my last breath for you." 

"Even now I'd rather it be me than you!!! You're all I had left momma!!! What do I do now??"

Kim Scott also reportedly wrote that "letting you go" was one of the most challenging choices she ever had to make and just "want" her mother back. 

Scott's comment ended by saying she couldn't imagine living a life without her mom.

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Eminem's Ex Kim Scott Suicide Attempt

TMZ reported that the "Lose Yourself" rapper's ex was hospitalized on July 30 after police and first responders came to her home after getting a call from a suicidal individual. 

Per insiders, Scott appeared to have cut herself. 

Kim Scott was reportedly combative when authorities arrived at her home and were forced to be restrained by them. 

There were cuts on her leg and blood on the floor, and she was later transported to the hospital for medical and psychological evaluation. 

Currently, Scott is at home recovering.

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