Bill Cosby will face a civil lawsuit one month after his prison release, and his attorney promised to get him out of the trouble smoothly.

Following the overturning of his case, Cosby received another lawsuit after he reportedly assaulted a woman at the Playboy mansion back in 1974.

The hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday saw the appearances of Cosby's attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, and alleged victim's attorney, Gloria Allred, where they discussed the civil filing.

Cosby's team released a statement following the hearing, revealing that Bonjean aims to fully vindicate the disgraced actor from the new case.

"Ms. Bonjean will serve as lead counsel on the case, working with local counsel, Michael Freedman of The Freedman Firm to fully vindicate Mr. Cosby of Ms. Huth's 1974 accusation," the statement said, as quoted by Fox News.

Bonjean reportedly received leave to appear pro hac vice in the Huth vs. Cosby case.

Allred is particularly representing over 33 women who reportedly experienced the actor's abuse and misbehavior. The representative detailed that the new lawsuit serves as a new trial against him for abusing Huth decades ago.

According to Allred, the former comedian victimized and sexually abused the then-minor at the Playboy mansion.

Bill Cosby's Team Hit Back

Following the filing, Cosby's representatives criticized Allred and her firm. They accused her of bringing an unrelated case in the court that is not subject to any vetting.

The same statement revealed that cases are always won in courtrooms. Thus, the representatives assured to score a sure win for Cosby.

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"He legitimately fears that he could be the target of any number of other malicious prosecutions in this climate where mob-justice trumps the rule of law and bald accusations, no matter how old or how implausible, are automatically viewed as truth," the team went on.

People, however, questioned Allred's statement and asked what a 15-year-old girl was doing at the Playboy mansion at that time. As of the writing, no other details have been publicized yet.

The new damaging lawsuit came one month after the 83-year-old actor ended his years of three to 10 years of sentence at a state prison. He was initially convicted for aggravated indecent assault.

He quickly expressed his desire to return to the comedy industry following his prison release -- although it is impossible right now.

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