"Mission: Impossible 7" no longer hits the brake as the franchise dropped another image of Kittridge's most-awaited comeback.

Christopher McQuarrie, the acting director of the upcoming "Mission: Impossible 7," successfully connected the other franchise's movies with the recent one by bringing back several cast members.

But among the former stars, McQuarrie highlighted Henry Czerny's more in a new black and white image.

On his official Twitter account, the filmmaker shared a photo of Czerny's character wearing a suit and tie. The photo was in response to a fan's tweet who had been wanting to see Kittridge's return.

"Ah.... Kittridge. So exciting to know he's finally coming back to the franchise. Can't wait to see what @chrismcquarrie does with him," a user tweeted.

The director, however, did not answer what he will do to the character this time. However, it will surely be exciting enough as the character has not appeared in any movies of the franchise for more than two decades.

 Due to Czerny's absence in the previous sequels, "Mission: Impossible" fans started to accept the fact that he would no longer appear in the film.

But with McQuarrie's miracle, the actor will be on the go again.

Where Was Kittridge All These Time?

Bringing back Kittridge suddenly created a hole in the plot, making long-time fans question where the character was in the past 25 years.

In an interview with /Film earlier this year, Czerny revealed that McQuarrie tapped him to return to the role. He did note that the filmmaker did not give him enough information about the role his character would be playing decades later.

However, the actor himself created his own backstory which involved his character and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) following the events of the first installment.

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"I decided that he'd been to all the agencies on some level or other, had a good idea now of how the game is played and what his place is in this mechanism of national intelligence," he explained. "I figured he'd been through all of them at this point, and he'd been schooled by Ethan 25 years ago."

According to Czerny, Kittridge knew what Ethan was thinking and doing. He also learned from his own perspective that the character could have gone through different agencies so he would not be schooled by Ethan again.

Although his story in "Mission: Impossible 7" is yet to be ironed out, it is more than enough, for now, to know that Henry Czerny will mark his return soon.

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