Halle Berry is being sued by a former UFC fighter, Cat Zingano after she was allegedly snubbed for a movie role.

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Zingano claims that she met the actress two years ago and opened up about a film that she's directing titled "Bruised." Berry allegedly told the UFC fighter that she was perfect for playing a role for the project.

Following this, the Academy award-winning actress asked her to clear her schedule, and further commitments as the movie's production will begin soon. However, Zingano claims that UFC called her after and wants her to participate in a big fight.

In addition, the two discussed the situation with each other, and the fighter claims that Berry told her that she needs to drop UFC's offer if she wanted to star on the film because of liability concerns from the production's insurer.

Zingano had difficulty deciding what to pick between the two, but she chose the actress' offer. After this, UFC dropped her from her contract.

The mixed martial artist was shocked when Berry ultimately removed her from the film and told her that she's no longer a part of the production because her contract with UFC was already released.

Berry allegedly told her that the movie only wants to cast UFC fighters.

Today, Zingano claims that the actress is no longer reachable as she cut all of her connections. She's suing Berry for damages as she heavily relied on the actress' promise but was dropped at the last minute.

At the time of this writing, Halle Berry has not publicly responded on the matter.

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Fans Think It's Money-Grab?

After the report circulated online, many fans took to social media and immediately labeled Cat Zingano as "bitter" and "broke."

"Lol. Someone is bitter. And broke," one fan wrote.

Other people also pointed out that the two didn't sign an agreement and contract, meaning the lawsuit has no basis at all.

"there's no basis for suing here if there was no contract it's all hearsay," one fan argued.

Another user defended the UFC fighter saying that verbal contracts are as substantial as the written ones.

"Verbal contracts hold just as much legal weight as written contracts. If Berry did make a promise and Zingano acted to her detriment (i.e. foregoing her career with the UFC), there is a strong cause for claim," one fan wrote.

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