Demi Moore opened up about her struggles with getting into shape for her roles in 1996 "Striptease" and 1997 "G.I. Jane."

The actress was considered Hollywood's hottest actress in the 90's and even gaining international recognition as a sex symbol.

This was made possible due to her intense bodily preparation, which had been mentally and physically taxing on her.

However, it had been her back-to-back casting in "Striptease" and then "G.I. Jane" that pushed Moore over the edge. While she was shooting for the former film, Moore would stick to a strict diet of a half cup of oatmeal prepared with water for breakfast. The rest of the day, she would only have protein and vegetables.

The actress admitted that her role in the latter movie had changed her perception of her body image and made her realize how obsessed she was.

Demi Moore Dives Into The Grim Details

Demi Moore went more into detail about her dangerous obsession with her body and the excessive effort to stay fit throughout her career.

The sex symbol had mentioned running and biking as part of her brutal exercise routine aside from long gym hours in her 2019 memoir "Inside Out."

The "Indecent Proposal" star confessed that to keep getting offers to play sexy characters, she had to stay slim, "I didn't feel like I could stop exercising."

According to sources, Moore got pressured to snap back into shape after having her first baby since she landed the role in "A Few Good Men." The starlet forced herself to lose her pregnancy weight through extreme exercising, which lost her ability to breastfeed.

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Demi Moore's Eating Disorder

Demi had reached her limit after starving herself and enduring the brutal exercise regime designed for her to lessen her body fat.

"I had an epiphany in the shower one day: I just need to be my natural size," the celebrity confessed in her book.

Moore acknowledges that her past obsession with her body image had been part of her eating disorder. "Eating disorders are crazy, they are a sickness. But that doesn't make them less real," the star also said.

Presently, Demi has committed to a more healthy state of mind and body as she is probably celebrating her daughter Rumer Willis' birthday. The firstborn child of Moore and Bruce Willis-Rumer recently turned 33 and posted baby pictures with her parents.

Rumer had captioned the post on her Instagram account with "How it started..." and the date of her birth, ET reported.

Demi and Bruce's three daughters all seem to be together to celebrate their eldest sister's birthday, frequently posting on their social media.

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