R. Kelly will finally face the court over the trafficking trial that had been delayed multiple times since 2019.

After months of waiting, R. Kelly will stand before U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly in the Eastern District of New York. This will reportedly explore the statements about his alleged enterprise with managers, employees, and a security team who helped him recruit women and girls for sex.

These events led him to be charged with multiple counts of cases, including kidnapping, racketeering for purposes of sexual exploitation of children, child pornography, obstruction of justice, and sex trafficking.

The prosecutors alleged that he led his staff to be part of the embarrassing and damaging scheme that abused many minors in the past. The disgraced singer has since denied the claims, however, there seems to be more to come.

R. Kelly's Trial To Show Uncharged Cases?

In a summary report by USA Today, it has been mentioned that the prosecutors asked for Donnelly's permission to seek witnesses that filed uncharged crimes.

Their claims, which happened in the past 30 years, will reportedly help the court see the alleged pattern of the singer's damaging act and criminal behavior.

According to reports, these uncharged cases also include sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, sexual abuse to an underage boy and 17-year-old boy, and bribery.

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Per his defense team, they were blindsided by the late notice about the uncharged charges and the existence of additional witnesses. However, such a tactic has been used by legal in other high-profile sex-related crimes, including the cases of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby.

In court documents, R. Kelly's lawyers said that the allegations about the singer's abuse of teens should have been included among the questionnaire sent to the jurors in July.

Meanwhile, the judge (per Associated Press) said that some evidence will be out of the trial as they are similar to other parts of the case.

R. Kelly's jury had been completed after Judge Donnelly personally screened the dozens of potential jurors in federal court in Brooklyn. After a thorough process, seven men and five women joined the official panel and were sworn in on Wednesday.

CNN reported that the opening statements and testimony will start on August 18.

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