At 46, Angelina Jolie, can relate to her role in Marvel's "Eternals",' despite it being someone with great cosmic powers. According to the actress, she took inspiration for her new film character from her own life

The Oscar winner plays Thena, a fierce warrior Eternal who can form any weapon out of cosmic energy, Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in an interview, she discussed eactly how she related to her character being part of a group of aliens who come together after ages apart.

"I just wanted to be a part of this family," she revealed to the publication. "I have a slightly unconventional family myself, so it felt familiar." 

Angelina is the mother of six children, three of whom are adopted, with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, 57, with whom she is presently involved in a tumultuous custody fight. This is probably why she described her family as aa "unconventional family." Angelina Jolie stated that she identified with filmmaker Chloe Zhao's concept of the star-studded movie as well.

She shared that she can see how each of the cast's roles are tailored fit to who they are in real life.

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"I don't think we realized that until we really got there," she told EW. "It really felt like she was pulling out of us something that was more personal, from a deeper side of ourselves. She wasn't looking to put something on top of us, like a character. She was looking for us to reveal ourselves as the character." 

It must be noted that apart from Jolie, the casting included Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, and Salma Hayek, looking like their individual alien roles. Angelina Jolie was openly worried about being a part of this huge blockbuster production before filming began on the highly-anticipated Marvel picture, which is set to hit theaters on Nov. 5, 2021. When she arrived on set with her fellow "Eternals" though, everything changed.

Angelina has been back on mom duty to her kids Maddox, 19, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 13, since production on "Eternals" concluded in February 2021.

This summer, the extended family has gone shopping in Beverly Hills, New York City, and Paris. Angelina Jolie took a solo vacation to Venice, Italy in late July, when she was seen boarding a water taxi with a few adult pals on her way to supper. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's custody fight has been going on for years, and it doesn't appear to be getting any better between the two. Brad was given joint custody of the kids in May 2021, with the exception of Maddox, who is legally an adult and no longer involved in the custody dispute.

Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, has challenged the judicial judgment and is determined to have full custody of the five children. "Brangelina" first became romantically involved in 2005. After spending 9 years of togetherness, they got married in August 2014. Surprisingly, they announced they are diivorcing two years later.

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