Last year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made the historic decision to leave their royal lives behind - something so shocking that the world cannot help but stay tuned. While a Netlix deal was quickly secured and a huge sum was reportedly paid to them, an analyst claimed the streaming giant could have spent so much more than its money's worth. 

After Megxit, one thing fans were interested in was how they would go about without palace allowance and comforts. However, from UK to the the US they go, with the dream of securing "financially independent existence" away from the monarchy. They've spent a fortune since then on a slew of new amenities, including a property in Montecito, a posh coastal community about two hours north of Los Angeles.

While they've landed a slew of lucrative deals with streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, a year has passed and the two are yet to release some of their projects from the two giants.

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The two continue to make noise with every interview, book and project they have released, since most of them were about lambasting the palace, but it's unclear how Netflix, Spotify have earned from them. Netflix already paid Meghan Markle and Prince Harry a hefty sum, and an analyst hinted that the streaming giant was shortchanged.

According to Daniela Elser, Netflix's million-dollar investment on the two is not worth it. ""While on one hand TV and feature-length projects take years to get to the screen, on the other, what has Netflix really gotten so far for their estimated $133million investment in the Duke and Duchess?"

"Sure, their signing was a huge publicity coup but so far all the streaming giant has gotten for their nine-figure financial commitment is essentially the world's most expensive press release," she added (via Express UK).

"Harry and Meghan have a lot to prove, and fast, because they are fighting against the clock here," she concluded.

The two Netflix projects include Pearl, something that Meghan Markle herself will produce. 

The other one would have Prince Harry's touch.

Harry's contribution will be a documentary on the "Invictus Games". This is the sports competition designed for the wounded ex-servicemen and women. While interesting on paper, the analyst cannot help but wonder if these projects would really allow Netflix to get what they paid for and enough for the two to have renewed contracts with the company. 


Miss Elser said, "When the Sussexes do start unveiling their slate of TV and podcasting projects they will get one shot; that is, one chance to impress audiences and make their mark either in terms of steaming figures or critical plaudits." 

She added that the two are just riding on their present controversial reputation.

"When the novelty and the lustre of working with members of the Royal Family wears off, if they don't have streaming counts or a clutch of awards to show for themselves, then will their contracts be renewed?," she further said.

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