Mike Richards came under fire again after an old podcast resurfaced online, and it pushed people to allege that he sabotaged other guest hosts.

On Wednesday, Richards found himself in the middle of hot waters again after an old video of him making terrible remarks about women reemerged.

In his former podcast, Richards made several offensive jokes that ignited the controversies surrounding him even more.

The Ringer published the details about his stint in "The Randumb Show" podcast as a co-host. At that time, the podcast was part of "The Price Is Right," where he served as the executive producer. Richards added more fuel by saying that the women's Halloween costumes look like prostitutes.

The Ringer reached out for his comment on the embarrassing statements on the podcast. However, the audio has since been pulled down, and the whole hosting site was removed.

The new damaging revelation prompted Twitter users to share their opinion about the game show picking him as the new host. Most fans said he still does not deserve the post, while others said he did something as the executive producer to sabotage the other potential hosts.

One viewer shared the new allegation and wrote, "Goodness this dude is terrible. Not even the part where he sabotaged guest-hosts and then hired himself, but just on a purely human level."

"So, they gave @levarburton a day to rehearse, with only a week of guest-hosting privileges compared to the typical 2 weeks...AND they had him host during Olympics when Jeopardy was preempted in many locations. Definition of sabotage. God doesn't like ugly, Mike Richards," another penned.

Mike Richards Said His Sorry

Despite people calling him names, the executive producer does not seem to have any plans to resign from the post. In fact, he released an apology letter instead to stop the buzz from coming.

The statement mainly addressed his "terribly embarrassing" attitude and argued it was nothing but a moment of insensitivity, thoughtlessness, and misjudgments.

"Looking back now, there is no excuse, of course, for the comments I made on this podcast and I am deeply sorry. The podcast was intended to be a series of irreverent conversations between longtime friends who had a history of joking around," he said, as quoted by TV Line.

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Richards realized that his attempts to be funny were not acceptable at all. As a result, he removed the episodes to show his sincerity.

He added that he is now responsible for being a role model as a father, husband, and public personality. He assured that he would live up to them while trying to prevent himself from committing the same mistake again.

"Jeopardy!" chose him to become the permanent host regardless of the issues he got involved in. However, the game show's viewers constantly showed their disapproval over the decision, saying that Ken Jennings and LeVar Burton should take the role instead.

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