Does Jimmy Kimmel lose his charm as one of the most sought-after late-night hosts?

For over a decade, Kimmel showered late-night TV with his capabilities as a host. But despite his seemingly irreplaceable stint, a news outlet alleged that ABC would replace him on "The Man Show" because of his regrettable days.

It has been reported this year that Kimmel's work on the show already looked bad. However, he made it even more terrible when he disrespectfully impersonated Karl Malone and used blackface.

At that time, he apologized for such an embarrassing sketch, insisting that the event made him matured enough.

However, National Enquirer claimed that ABC's executives planned to ax him following the event.

"ABC execs... are already seeking a replacement," a source said, adding that Melissa McCarthy, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Seacrest, and Kevin Hart led the list.

Unfortunately, they all had full-packed schedules, which postponed ABC's plans on ousting Kimmel. As a result, the late-night host was only able to sign an extension until 2022.

Is Jimmy Kimmel Getting Replaced?

Gossip Cop compiled all the proof that could prove the news outlet wrong.

Per the investigative site, Kimmel does not have his show as of the moment. Since July, he decided to be on sabbatical for a few months, so many celebrities started to guest-host his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" while he is away.

The news outlet also assumed that the host would return soon, just like how he did last year. For what it's worth, he came back in September 2020 after taking a few months off.

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"Just because Kimmel's taking time off doesn't mean he's been shown the door. The outrage cycle ran its course with Kimmel, and he resumed hosting his show without incident," Gossip Cop went on.

The announcement of his seasonal sabbatical came after he decided to spend more time with his family.

He released a statement saying that there's nothing wrong with him and everyone in the family is healthy. Right now, he reportedly needs time off from the show.

For this year, the guest stars' list will include Wanda Sykes, Nick Kroll, David Spade, Anthony Mackie, Sarah Silverman, Julie Bowen, Maren Morris, Phoebe Robinson, and Niall Horan, among others.

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