"American Horror Stories" creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk ended their first season by merging television with the gaming world.

Titled as "Game Over," the final episode takes viewers back to the Murder House with a familiar scenario presented in the first episode.

The characters played by Noah Cyrus and Adam Hagenbuch portrayed a couple of real-life AHS thrill-seeking fans.

The two booked a reservation for the Murder House turned Airbnb to explore and quench their curiosity.

According to Deadline, the opening scene of the final episode is a compilation of throwback scenes from every episode from season one.

This decision by the creators makes sense when connected to the next scene when they revealed the unexpected.

After the return of Piggy Man and the successful murder of Cyrus' character "Connie," the camera zooms out to what appears to be a video game.

American Horror Stories Video Game Universe

Viewers of American Horror Stories will slowly realize that Connie being chased by Twisty the Clown and Adelaide Langdon is just a game simulation.

The in-the-works video game inspired by the series flashes with "Escape From Murder House," revealing the story's next segment.

AHS now introduces the game developer- Mercedes Mason, who we soon find out has a son, Rory, an AHS fanatic.

Rory had argued with his mom about the realistic and true-to-story game adaptation to the franchise sources reported.

To improve the game, Mercedes decided to purchase the house from a realtor for research.

The story progresses with the narrative of a video game until the very end, where watchers are played with the revelation of "Escape the Murder House 2.0."

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Fans Mixed Reaction

After watching the first episode, avid watchers of "American Horror Stories" took their different opinions to Twitter.

"The entire episode was confusing. I don't even know what to say lmao. Why can't we have a Coven spinoff instead of this?" one person tweeted.

  While another fan is generating new ideas for the franchise, "I want a Murder House VR game."

"Just stop milking the murder house and switch to worthwhile things. I hope season 2 will be better," one disappointed fan advised.

  Some enjoyed it, "watched the final episode of #AHStories and it was AWESOME! Finally... closure? Maybe? Sort of? ;) You decide! But excellent, no matter how you slice it."

  Others did not, "No [be]cause what was that new #AHStories episode I'm upset," and another said, "The most disappointing season finale in TV history."

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