Briana Thomas will be facing Sony Pictures Television in court for getting sexually harassed by one of their showrunners, Anthony Morina.

The company that handles CBS studio and produces the long-running CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless" is under fire because of recent events.

Variety reported that the show's executive producer had allegedly made several sexual advances towards Briana Thomas throughout the years.

Official court documents stated that the accused would try to get close with her, often leering at her or giving out unnecessary compliments.

According to the actress, the advances include repeated suggestive comments about her body and an offer to a "private acting lesson." Thomas claimed that the producer had tried to remove her coverup during a poolside scene in the soap opera while making the offer.

"It's a tough industry to break into unless you know someone who can help you," were the words uttered to her while hands played with her bikini.

The defendant had outright rejected the offer to the private acting lessons, which led to her unjustified dismissal from the show.

Who is Anthony Morina?

Executive producer Anthony "Tony" Morina is the showrunner behind CBS studio's soap opera "The Young and the Restless."

The production had hired Briana Thomas for two consecutive years as an extra actress on set, her initial role on the show had been a barista.

The suit entails that from 2018 to 2019, Briana had endured consistent harassment and sexual advances from Morina. The defendant recounted when the producer made a statement about attending a "bullsh-t" sexual harassment training.

Morina said some "b-tches" "had their panties in a bunch" and "didn't know how to take a compliment." Briana had also reported another instance where she was cornered in a stairwell alone and was aggressively questioned by Tony.

The lawsuit specified that the producer had asked her about her living situation and offered private lessons once again.

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Sony Pictures Television's Response

After the second offer, Briana felt more threatened by Tony Morina as the producer began to retaliate due to her rejection.

The actress suffered verbal abuse while working in front of their co-workers as Morina screamed about her being "just an extra." Other than that, she said that there was "not going to be a part for [her]" anymore.

According to Deadline, the 22nd page of the lawsuit stated, "Morina also told Plaintiff that he alone decided whether Plaintiff's presence on "Y&R" continued."

Briana remembered what Tony said that day, "I'm the reason why you have a job. I am doing you a favor. I like you. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Feeling shocked, embarrassed, and distraught, Thomas left the scene and arrived home to an email regarding the termination of her employment.

Aside from the sexual harassment, the defendant is also charging the company for unpaid wages, premium pay, and statutory penalties.

Sony Pictures Television has yet to make a statement about the lawsuit and declined to comment on Anthony Morina's actions.

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