Wendy Williams is back at the dating scene! As fans would describe it, she's having her "hot girl summer" moment as she shows off her new boyfriend a few months after breaking up with contractor Mike Westerman.

The talkshow diva recently took to her Instagram to share a candid shot of her and a mysterious man. It seems like the new beau is already getting close with her family, as she wrote in the caption that she brought the guy to her son's 21st birthday.

"My son's 21st birthday party on the yacht in #Miami was everything he wanted!" Williams wrote. (check out the photo below)


After sharing her new man with the world, some fans are rejoicing for Williams' newly found romance, but other supporters were not too happy about it, mainly judging him for his appearance.

"Girl,that's you boyfriend ??? YUCK-A-DOO, " one fan wrote.

"Lord. Wendy, we don't have to see these white men. I rather see the cats-Two way & Side Kick. Whatever they names are," one commented.

However, one supporter replied to a particular comment and explained that Williams chose the right guy as he is wealthy and an ex-boyfriend of a reality star.

"He dated one of the women from NYC housewives. It's either Ramona or Sonja and they date white men with," one wrote.

At the time of this writing, the daytime talk show host is back in New York City after her son's birthday in Florida over the weekend.

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What Happened To Mike Esterman?

Earlier this year, Williams began searching for love after divorcing her ex Kevin Hunter. Her show had a segment called "Date Wendy," where three men tried their luck to win her heart.

The host ultimately chose a man named Mike Esterman, who works in the real estate industry.

The former couple's relationship didn't last long as they broke up a few months later. In an episode of her show, Williams addressed the issue, saying, "it wasn't a thing."

In addition, she mentioned that their distance is a significant hindrance in their relationship as Esterman lives in Maryland and Williams is based in New York City, where she films the show.

"Mike works a job, he's a contractor/social influencer, or whatever he has going on. Whatever he does. Mike, he's a nice guy, but we are too geographically far from each other." Williams said. (via People)

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter's Messy Relationship

Williams and Kevin Hunter started dating Kevin Hunter in 1995; two years later, they tied the knot and had a baby boy named after his father.

However, in 2019, several media outlets reported Hunter's infidelity leading Williams to file for divorce. The host took her wedding band off and kicked out her ex.

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